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Posting domain mapped permalinks via the wp-to-twitter plugin

A really useful WordPress feature is support for hosting multiple sites from the same core install. I used to run WordPress-MU for this purpose before it was rolled into the main version. If you have control of DNS you can easily have sites as subdomains, or even map a seperate domain to a subsite using […]

WordPress, the OpenID plugin and “Fatal error: Call to a member function needsSigning() … in Server.php on line 1495”

For many moons I’ve been attempting to get the server functionlity of the OpenID plugin working with my wordpress install and been stumped on the following two errors: First, any hit on the OpenID /openid/server url (I am using non-default permalinks) generated the following : Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_options_page() in /path/to/wp-content/plugins/wp-contact-form/wp-contactform.php on […]

Creating ‘hidden’ pages in wordpress which don’t appear in the navigation menu

Yeah I know theres seventy thousand or so articles out there already talking about modifying wp_list_pages(); to include and exclude various pages from your wordpress site menus, but I’m going to talk about they way I did it anyway =) The deal is, I’m wanting to publish stories and other standalone type pieces of writing […]

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