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A couple of useful wordpress admin plugins

I’ve set up a couple of wordpress blogs in recent months, and gone through the initial stage of trying out plugins like a kid with lots of small shiny presents to open, testing then removing most of the them after a short while: I think its worthwhile that I point out several of the smaller ones which I find very useful and have installed by default on each site.

These are the kind of enhancement which IMO improves the experience in general and you only notice when they are missing: I imagine they provide the kind of fucntionality which may find its way into the wordpress core package at some stage.

Anyway, here they are:

Admin Drop Down Menus
This plugin converts the menus in the admin panel to dhtml dropdowns. Once I’d used it I didnt want to go back.

Leprakhauns Word Count
Provides a simple wordcount at the bottom of the edit box for a post/page.

WordPress PDA
Formats your wordpress blog nicely for mobile devices. Makes your site really accessible using clients such as pocket IE.