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Quad boot with Linux, XP and Encrypted Vista on the Lenovo x61 Tablet

In this post I’m going to briefly discuss the issues I’ve had getting my new X61 notebook booting with 4 OS’s, (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Ubuntu, Backtrack) encrypted. Preamble: Our new staff laptops are pretty fantastic. Faculty has an initiative subsidizing the cost of deploying tablet notebooks to all schools in Computing and Health Science. […]

A hall of mirrors: configuring Windows Mobile Networking and the gremlins therein

The time is apon me for a bit of a rant about Windows Mobile, specifically with regards to its approach to networking profiles. I’ve been spoiling for a write up on the topic for a while: ever since the PocketPC days, networking on PDAs with windows O/S has been, at least for this techie, a […]

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