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Adding search plugins to firefox is now broken by default?

I’ve just discovered an incredibly annoying bug downgrade “feature” in the new firefox (3) – the new add-search-plugins site is broken. I noticed it in later versions of firefox 2.x as well: I was kind of hoping it was something temporary but it looks like its here to stay. (Quick solution: ignore the site the “Add engines” link takes you to and go to instead – its all there). […]

A hall of mirrors: configuring Windows Mobile Networking and the gremlins therein

The time is apon me for a bit of a rant about Windows Mobile, specifically with regards to its approach to networking profiles. I’ve been spoiling for a write up on the topic for a while: ever since the PocketPC days, networking on PDAs with windows O/S has been, at least for this techie, a […]

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