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Displaying your windows mobile device on a bigger screen via VNC

Some time ago I was tasked with creating some training sessions for staff using smartphones running WM6. So I could both record procedures from the smartphone using a flash-video creation software, and demo things on a big screen live in front of the class, I setup my phone with VNC which allowed me to do […]

Windows Mobile 5/6 Networking Profiles, Proxy and VPN setup

After the last rant on Windows Mobile networking, I’ll go over a few actual solutions to the issues I encountered: hopefully a few people may find this more helpful. Note that the following explanations, definitions of features and so on are the product of my own observation and experimentation with various WM5 and WM6 mobile […]

A hall of mirrors: configuring Windows Mobile Networking and the gremlins therein

The time is apon me for a bit of a rant about Windows Mobile, specifically with regards to its approach to networking profiles. I’ve been spoiling for a write up on the topic for a while: ever since the PocketPC days, networking on PDAs with windows O/S has been, at least for this techie, a […]

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