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Scanning and Reporting on SSL Cert Expiry Dates – an SSL Certificate Scanner using bash, php and jQuery

A while ago I cooked up a bash script to scan relevant internal subnets for ssl certs, save/parse a copy of the x509 data and list all the discovered info in a delimited text file for analysis in a spreadsheet. This works well by itself, but for the convenience of quick lookups without involving excel […]

Simple BASH script to mass query reverse DNS PTR records for a subnet

Wrote this up the other day to do a quick reverse PTR query of some internal subnets. Possibly handy if you don’t have quick access to another tool like dnsrecon. #!/bin/bash #Populate subnets.txt with the first three sections of the target subnet IP, one subnet per line eg #192.168.1 #192.168.20 #etc subnets=$(cat ‘./subnets.txt’); for subnet […]

Checking SSL certificate expiry date and issuer: an openssl wrapper in BASH

I manage SSL certificate requests (and renewals) at work and the number of certs in use seems to be growing every year. There’s a nice cozy 3 year expiry on most of them which means to me just enough time for them to be potentially forgotten and cause a mad scurry come renewal time (or […]

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